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Ben is a yoga and meditation teacher with a passionate belief in the self discovery and self transformative power of breath work, meditation, lucid dream and dream practises.

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Join me on the Lucid Living Podcasts as I interview interesting Yoga Practitioners, and share Lucid Dream practices to help live life with more presense and awareness.

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Transmute the Shadow

Friday April 2nd
6pm to 9pm
Tidal Yoga

Lucid Dream and Sleep


Sunday April 11th
1pm to 4pm


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"Bens guidance in the space of dream yoga and mindfulness of dream & sleep has contributed significantly to my spiritual journey thus far. Particularly poignant have been meditation and breathwork sessions, and dream workshops. His raw, direct, no BS approach is refreshing and assists greatly in contemplating life with a fresh perspective, further assisting one to blast through blocks, dive into shadow work & wake the f*** up. Incredibly grateful for Bens presence, honesty & authenticity in this space".



—  Rosie

"Until you make the unconscious,

conscious it will direct your life and you will call it fate"

Carl Jung.

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