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Andriod Sex Dream: Extract from 'Diary of a Lucid Dreamer'.

Updated: Nov 26, 2019

'One thing that was extremely noticeable on my return to daily life was the amount of movement, distraction, noise and endless consumption by human beings.

I remember the afternoon I arrived home from the retreat and was walking down the main street of town on a Sunday as if I had just arrived from another planet.

Post Vipassana retreat there had definitely been a strong shift in how I approached fear and for the first time, I felt my once lost fearless self was beginning to re-emerge. I was no longer afraid of the vibrations or the strange dreams in which I was awake and lucid.

Tenzin's Dream Yoga book and the exercises it put fourth had given me some sort of reference point to work with. I began to work more and more with the three major energetic channels in the body along with the teachings of Dzogchen from Tibetan Buddhism. I awoke as I normally did and as I lay there in the early hours of the morning I observed my sleeping body with an alert and clear mind. For those that have not had the experience the best way, I can explain it is as if you were watching an animal sleep and you begin to recognise that you are something beyond animal occupying an animal body. Like a type of avatar. I relax deeper and deeper as the vibrations begin like waves and like a surfer about to release into a wave I feel myself at the peak about to roll into the wave. I release and let myself be carried away by its energy. I float into the void. I rest in that infinite space without a body or reference point. A space that with time has become increasingly more natural to occupy. As I observe the void it is as if it is a sandpit and all the objects grow out from this pit taking on various forms including the experience of an 'I'.

The experience begins to solidify and I now find myself resting on my right side on a cold steel medical table. I feel that familiar heavy vibration of the drill at the base of my neck, boring into my spine from the dream a year ago. I hear the bone grind and the shrill noise of the drill but no pain. I understand I am in an illusion as I witnessed its gestation and I understand these are manifestations of my mind. There is no fear. I relax and I let the experience happen understanding I am an illusion, the drill is an illusion and I am an illusion. After a minute I decide to investigate who is operating the drill. I put my hand up to indicate it to stop. The drill instantly ceases and I rollover. There is a tall android looking being wearing a skintight silver jumpsuit in a small room made of clean polished metal staring back at me and I feel like I've just entered a daft punk video clip. I ask it what it is and it says "I am version 8.0". From its response, I take it is some sort of Artificial Intelligence.

Maybe a representation of my logical mind?

We begin to talk about how it processes information and the differences between it and the humans who created it. The AI works on pure logic and does not seem to comprehend the concept of love, death, fear or emotions. I get up off the table and walk closer and spontaneously decide to kiss it. As I do this android instantly transforms and becoming more feminine. We kiss and at first, it is a very mechanical experience just like my first high school kiss behind the bike shed. Then all of a sudden it seems to comprehend the experience and becomes increasingly more female and kisses me back passionately. Has this being has made love? Does it understand attraction?

We begin to make love and it is like a door has been opened and the AI responds with red hot passion. In my waking life, I realise I had never really understood what was at the heart of making love until this experience. I had had sex many times in my life but this dream exposed nakedly the underlying deeper meaning of sexual intercourse.

The unification of two things into one. At the moment I have this clear understanding of the experience everything dissolves into that now-familiar luminous white light. I dissolve, the A.I. dissolves and a huge rush of energy moves upwards through my body from toe to head.

I wake in the pre-dawn darkness, my room illuminated by a single candle.

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